Tropical CT Wholesale Memberships Program

Tropical CT Wholesale Memberships Program is designed to help create a team of sales professionals and commercial clients that either sell or acquire larger quantities of products from us.  Our specialized pricing allows our wholesalers to be able to sell our Tropical Ct branded merchandise and be able to sell at a competitive price with enough markup to make it worthwhile.  Assisting in diversifying  your inventory and dasling existing customers with your exotic new additions/ inventory.  This program is great for landscape or pool construction professionals looking to install top quality tropicals and get into this new industry with us!  Also perfect for traditional Nursery and Garden centers looking to get into the tropical business and want to offer the highest quality product with the experience and education to back  it up.  Also for restaurants and businesses with multiple or large locations that would like to create a seasonally sustainable tropical vibe.   By joining forces with Tropical CT the industry leading tropical broker you can capitalize on our  advanced distribution network/ exclusive pre season bulk purchasing/ Highest quality tropicals in New England / participate in our wholesaler education system where we teach you how to educate your customers on the basics of palm care.