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Sabel Yappa 30g 7'+

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Sabal yapa is a single-stemmed, evergreen palm growing up to 60' tall. The unbranched stem can be 15 - 26 cm in diameter; it is topped by a crown of 15 - 20 fan-shaped leaves. Plants are often left growing when the forest is cleared for agriculture so that they can be used as a source of thatch material. They are also cultivated in plantations to provide their thatch.

Caribbean Sabal palm with grey-blue leaves and a bright cream-yellow costa. Juveniles have very wide segments, while adult palms have deeply split blades with thin segments. This palm can take short light frosts. It is a bit more hardy than the similar species Sabal mauritiiformis. Not as hardy as Sabal palmetto.  
It prefers limestone-based calcareous soils. tropics and subtropics. Grows best in a sunny position. Prefers a moist, but well drained soil. A slow growing palm. Cold Hardiness Zone: 9b

They seem to have some drought tolerance but get really ratty looking if it is prolonged. In the shade they handle drought fine.  They are a relatively low maintance species and can be overwintered with ease.  

Cold tolerance is also a plus as they can handle light frosts for a short period and temps down to 25 degrees F.

Growth rate of 1' per year makes them a great option for a New England landscape because you can enjoy them for many years before they get to big to handle.