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Tropical CT's Papi's Fizzle Juice (Pint)

Tropical CT's Papi's Fizzle Juice (Pint)

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Premium hydrogen peroxide at our dilution rates.

Papi's Fizzle Juice is a great organic way to prevent fungal infections in palms and tropicals caused by excessive moisture and cold temps combined.  By applying regular Fizzle juice applications you can help your palms root system stay healthy, aerated and also combat the onset of root rot.  Fizzle juice can also be used as an emergency application to help prevent or stop fungal bud/ crown rot in your palms if applied at the first sign of issues.

Contains:   Hydrogen Peroxide,  Distilled water.

Application:  Apply to the heart/ spear of palm directly or sprayed on.  Also apply 16 oz per 15 gallon pot then water 1 gallon in as slow as possible. monthly as preventative maint or 32 oz per 15 gallon pot to help combat root rot repeating weekly for 3-4 weeks or as needed.