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Tropical CT's SALT: Premium Epsom Salt.

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Epsom salt can provide countless benefits for your palms and tropicals.  Epsom salt can help treat and prevent magnesium deficiency common in palms.  Epsom salt is odorless, it doesn’t significantly change the pH of the soil, which is a big plus.  Magnesium plays an important role in the production of chlorophyll, which is responsible for the natural green pigment in plants. In other words, magnesium helps give your palm trees that beautiful green color. If the leaves of your palm trees are slowly turning yellow, you may need to enrich the soil with magnesium by using Epsom salt. Think about it as giving your palm trees a magnesium supplement that will stop further damage.

Application:   You can either apply a foliar spray as needed or every 2-3 weeks by mixing SALT with water in a pump sprayer and saturating thoroughly to the point of runoff.   Or apply over the rootbase and water it in.  We like to do a combination of the two as needed.

Contains:   Magnesium Sulfate.